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1. Install jest-preview​

npm install --save-dev jest-preview
# Or
yarn add --dev jest-preview
pnpm add -D jest-preview

2. Configure jest's transform to transform CSS and files​


If you use Create React App, you only need to run npx jest-preview config-cra in this step.

jest-preview comes with pre-configured transformations to intercept CSS and files. This is a recommended way to configure. However, you can configure it yourself using exported transform functions as well. See Advanced configurations for more.

Update jest.config.js:

transform: {
"^.+\\.(css|scss|sass|less)$": "jest-preview/transforms/css",
"^(?!.*\\.(js|jsx|mjs|cjs|ts|tsx|css|json)$)": "jest-preview/transforms/file",

For Next.js users with Rust-based compiler, please use configureNextJestPreview to config Jest. See more at Next.js example.

3. If you use CSS Modules, make sure it doesn't get ignored​


If you use Create React App, you only need to run npx jest-preview config-cra in this step.

In most cases, CSS Modules is ignored in Jest environment. For example, Create React App default configuration ignores CSS Modules via transformIgnorePatterns and moduleNameMapper. To make CSS Modules works with Jest Preview, we need to make sure it isn't ignored. Remove options to ignore CSS Modules or mapping using a third party library (such as identity-obj-proxy).

// jest.config.js
transformIgnorePatterns: [
- '^.+\\.module\\.(css|sass|scss)$',
moduleNameMapper: {
- '^.+\\.module\\.(css|sass|scss)$': 'identity-obj-proxy',

4. (Optional) Configure global CSS​

Sometimes, there are some CSS files imported outside your current test components (e.g: CSS imported in src/index.js, src/main.tsx). In this case, you can manually add those CSS files to Jest setup file.

// jest.config.js
setupFilesAfterEnv: ['<rootDir>/src/setupTests.ts'],
// src/setupTests.js
import './global.css';
import '@your-design-system/css/dist/index.min.css';
import 'bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css';

5. (Optional) Configure public folder​

You don't need to do anything if your public folder is public. However, if it's different, you can configure it as following:

// ./config/jest/setupTests.js
import { jestPreviewConfigure } from 'jest-preview';

// Should be path from root of your project
publicFolder: 'static', // No need to configure if `publicFolder` is `public`

Below you can find a list of public directories which have different names than public:

Project namePublic directory

Automatic Mode let you use jest-preview without manually triggering preview.debug(). It previews your code in the browser automatically whenever there is a failed test.

jestPreviewConfigure({ autoPreview: true });