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configureNextJestPreview is to be used for configuring Next.js project with Rust-based compiler.

You just need to wrap your current config with configureNextJestPreview and you are ready to go.

const nextJest = require('next/jest')
+ const { configureNextJestPreview } = require('jest-preview')

const createJestConfig = nextJest({
// Provide the path to your Next.js app to load next.config.js and .env files in your test environment
dir: './',

// Add any custom config to be passed to Jest
const customJestConfig = {
// Add more setup options before each test is run
setupFilesAfterEnv: ['<rootDir>/jest.setup.js'],
// if using TypeScript with a baseUrl set to the root directory then you need the below for alias' to work
moduleDirectories: ['node_modules', '<rootDir>/'],
testEnvironment: 'jest-environment-jsdom',
- module.exports = createJestConfig(customJestConfig)
+ module.exports = configureNextJestPreview(createJestConfig(customJestConfig));