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Introduce Jest Preview documentation

ยท 2 min read
Hung Viet Nguyen

Hello everyone. It's been 17 days from the first version of Jest Preview. We have worked hard to make Jest Preview a great library to support frontend engineers writing and debugging tests in Jest. We completed the implementation to support:

We're also working on Sass and plan to release it in a couple of days.

Jest Preview wants to be a "just work" library, it means users can just run npm install --save-dev jest-preview and use it right away. However, to view the actual app's UI in a browser, we need to configure it a bit. We did write some instructions in But with the growing of project complexity and demands of adding new features, we decided to build a dedicated documentation site for Jest Preview. We are happy to announce that you can now access the documentation at

Jest Preview Homepage

We will try to document it as detailed as possible, but we will also try to keep it simple for developers know Jest Preview for the first time. Advanced users can configure their own configuration to adapt to special use cases, new comers can just quickly install Jest Preview and get benefits from it.

The documentation is still very new, we will work to make it clear and concise as much as possible. We also appreciate your helps to improve the documentation such as keep it up-to-date, fixing the typo, paraphrase parts are not clear. Please feel free to open an issue or pull request to report any unclear parts and suggest improvements to documentation.

Thank you for your support and happy coding!