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Deprecate externalCss option

· One min read
Hung Viet Nguyen

Previous Jest Preview provides a way to configure external CSS via externalCss option in jestPreviewConfigure function. However, we realized that we can actually import the css DIRECTLY in the setup test file (usually setupFilesAfterEnv in Jest config) instead. This way, we can use the same logic to process external CSS as well as CSS in your components.

What you need to do is as follow:

// src/setupTests.js
- externalCss: ['src/global.css', 'src/assets/_scss/global-style.scss'],
+import './global.css';
+import './assets/_scss/global-style.scss';

externalCss is not recommended to use anymore. Please do not use it. We are planning to remove it gradually with this road map:

  • 0.2.4: Add a warning to warn users if they use externalCss.
  • 0.3.0: Remove the code to process externalCss in jestPreviewConfigure, show an error if users use externalCss.
  • 0.4.0: Throw an error if users configure externalCss.
  • 0.5.0: Remove externalCss completely.

We hope with this change, Jest Preview will get better and better. Please reach us at Issues if you have any issues with this deprecation. Thanks.